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14 July 2009

Handmade Out Loud: Fab Items from EtsyVeg Pals, Pt I

Part One of a collection of gorgeous creations I have purchased/swapped for/won/been gifted from my wonderful veggie pals in EtsyVeg! Thank you so much to all of you... :)

I look at these graphics every day and am always enchanted! I love this! And Jade was so wonderful to work with, coming up with the designs after just a couple of short convos about my needs... :)

Gorgeous, true colors and such fabulous help in finding exactly what I needed. I love her vegan lip balms even more, and Doree made each in a special blend of colors/opaqueness.

This remains one of my very favorite necklaces, and I always feel cheery when I wear it! It's totally adorable and beautifully-made. :)

This yummy vegan lip balm grew on me hugely every time I used it at first. It's now one of my favorites- creamy, long-lasting, nurturing.

This gorgeous photo was sent to with a couple of other of the lovely prints for sale by aktie9 as a get well present to me. Yay! I love'em- thank you, Heather and Lisa!

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