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17 July 2009

Activism Out Loud: FUR HURTS!

The consequences of the fur industry are deeply & horribly morally, ethically, and spiritually TRAGIC. Using fur in any form to make toys, car accessories, fashion, or whatever, whether off the runway or from a local vintage/resale shop, perpetuates humans using other beings for their own selfish purposes, no matter the cost of life. Being a consumer of any item made from fur justifies the horrific, unimaginable, unspeakable suffering of beings who feel and think and experience pain, condoning an industry of needless death and the devastation of innocent lives.

I struggled down to my core with my own pain and tears after seeing these photos (thank you to FB pal Jess for sharing them), but I knew I had to share them. I know the images are shocking and graphic, but the truth is sometimes. I shut my eyes to them as I post here. How could I stay silent about this? The animals need someone to speak for them and tell their story... They need someone to see them, to remember them. Right now, it's me. And you...

Think about these images the next time you reach for that nice, fluffy fur product bleached cleaned of blood to disconnect it from the death that made it possible, from the tortured souls whose lives were taken and discarded meaninglessly. Hardness of heart becomes evident with indifference to the pain and suffering of another living being- that indifference can be seen in what people eat and wear (Earthlings on Facebook).

Any questions?

Persia White in an ad for PETA's FurIsDead.com.

From all-creatures.org.

From EARTHLINGS - Official Animal Cruelty Awareness Group on Facebook.

From care2.com: "The aftermath of a seal killer. Hit seal bleeding tears from its eye. The seal cannot move and air from its nose is causing bubbles to be blown out its nose from its own Blood. This seal is still breathing. The seal crying a tear out of its own blood is still alive: It's not enough only to sit and feel mad or sad, and do nothing, vow to take a stand and spring into action."

Please take just a minute sign this petition: http://www.animalsaviors.org/petition.html.


Heather said...

DONE! I saw these photos in your facebook.. borrowed a couple of them. Might be I need to borrow a couple more. Horrific.. just sooooo disgusting. Keep speaking out! TY Heather :)

silentlotus creations said...

Yay- you keep speaking out, too! ;) This was actually really painful to share. It's such an awful thing...