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07 July 2009

Pittsburgh Out Loud: Biking the 'Burgh!

My partner and I went on a sweet bike ride yesterday along Pittsburgh's Monongahela River! It was a gorgeous day, with lots of folks out biking, roller blading, boating, and bounce-flying down the three rivers on jetskis. We biked the Eliza Furnace Trail from Greenfield (free parking lot on Swineburn) to downtown Pittsburgh, crossed the Smithfield St. Bridge to the South Side, and rode back toward Greenfield on the opposite side of the river. The South Side Trail is lots closer to the water and woodsier at places than Eliza Furnace, but the trail is in poor shape or non-existent at parts, not to mention that closer to downtown it smells to high heaven of some sort of industrial-type stuff from the railroad tracks that are there. The last stretch of the trail loop involved crossing back over the river to where we started by riding over the Hot Metal Bridge- this is where I paused to take these shots of the awesome skyline of the Steel City!

To see more of Pittsburgh's bike trails and cycling events, check out
Bike-Pgh.org, or pick up a map at any local bike shop. :)

Speaking of biking, check out this amazing
Cargo Bike up for grabs in a giveaway on the Madson site: MADSEN Cargo Bikes! I would love to be able to ride to the food co-op for groceries in this... ;)

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