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02 April 2012

Projects I'd Love to Make: In the Garden

With the early warmth and sunshine this year, everything is growing already! Thus, my gardening lust has begun just as early. :) With the need to wait until May to throw myself into planting flowers and veggies, I am indulging in planning fun garden projects instead. Here are some of the DIYs we are either planning or fantasizing about for this year:

PLANNING: We've got all of the materials for the pots below, and are on the hunt for some good pallets! :)




Sailor Purrs said...

A drawer full of plants would be the most glorious furnishing. <3

Kathryn Hansen said...

come to california...there's a million pallets everywhere! i was planning on making one too...so far i have the instructions and pallet...just have to find the time now to do it!!

have you seen those cool hanging vases that are made from light bulbs?

SilentLotus Creations said...

They would, indeed, Jenny! :)

Kathryn, I love the light bulb vases! And I would love to come to CA. :D Post about the pallet project when you finish!

Lo Christine said...

All look like fantastic ideas!

SilentLotus Creations said...

They do, don't they? Just picked up a free pallet today, and some moss for the hanging garden! :)