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12 May 2011

Spring Baby!

Passing the park near my house on a walk home from an errand the other day, I spotted this mama deer venturing out of the woods with her darling little spotted fawn, so young she was still quite clumsy and slow. It was sooo sweet to see her investigate a bird, which she followed around for quite a while, plop down in the grass for a rest, and trying to keep up with her mama. :) I squealed the whole 10 minutes I watched them! Forgive the poor photo quality- I only had my Blackberry with me! With the video, my camera work is all over the place, too- watch and you'll get the jist of it. Not sure WIH I was doing. lol

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mumbot said...

Lovely! We get a lot of deer (mostly), but also other animals like turkeys, groundhogs, bunnies, vultures, misc. bright birds, saw a turtle once, raccoons, etc.. out in NJ where we're staying... so fun to look at =)