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12 May 2011

May is Garden for Wildlife and National Bike Month!

May is a great time to celebrate Gardening for Wildlife and Biking!

As both a gardening and outdoor lover, I relish each moment I am able to experience and intimate connection with wildlife and the earth. Making our yard and garden alluring to wildlife is something I really enjoy. And as gardening time kicks in on the east coast, it's a perfect time to be conscious of this. When preparing whatever soil, land, pots and raised beds you will use for the growing season, consider the wildlife that will share your space. Plan to nurture elements in your urban, suburban, or rural space that will attract and provide for local wildlife, creating a safe haven not only for nature, but for you, too. Learn how, and certify your garden as wildlife friendly by visiting the National Wildlife Federation's
Garden for Wildlife Month page.

May is also
National Bike Month. Riding a bike rather than driving is not only awesome exercise, but a fabulous way to reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the planet. Help to reduce pollution and reliance on fossil fuels! Next week is Bike to Work Week, so pull those wheels out of the basement or shed if they've been there all winter, tune em' up, make sure your helmet is a good fit, and hit to roads on two! :) The Sierra Club has some great articles to ready you for it!

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