"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud." ~ Emile Zola

22 September 2010

Vending Awesomeness!

Just got done vending at a string of awesome shows over the past few weeks! Lots of interesting venues, environments, people, handmade eye candy, and colorful sights! :) Thanks so much to Steel City Rockers vs. Mods, to PCC for a terrific Crafts N'At, to Friends of Ohiopyle for a delightful weekend at Music in the Mountains, and to the Steeltown Shakedown for the most colorful, old skool-ified weekend I've had in a while. :) And a big welcome and fat 'thank you' to all of my new customers!

Check out some of the best sights!

Cuties in the Rockers vs Mods pin-up contest!

Testing my new display setup at Rockers vs Mods.

Adorable rocker baby with her rocker daddy (who just happen to be my brand new niece and brother-in-law- lol).

The fabulous space and artisans at the Pittsburgh Craft Collective's annual show, Crafts N'At!

Can you believe this view of the Monongahela River from my tent at Ohiopyle' Music in the Mountains? It looks photoshopped! It was beautiful!

Crafty pal Rachel in her flirty and fabulous hand-altered dress at Steeltown Shakedown (that she helped organize). You should see the awesome flame applique she handsewed onto to the bag to match her sweetie's car! :)

Old-skool cool!

This weekend will be my last show until the holidays! Come and check me and lots of other fabulous local artisans out at
Art Harvest on Sunday, September 26th from 12-5 at the East End Food Co-op! :)

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GiGi said...

Looks like uber fun show! Great pics!