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27 July 2010

New Jewels in My Etsy Shop!

I've finally been catching up on listing in my Etsy shop, trying to add all of my inventory that I've been making for shows and haven't gotten online. It feels good! Most of my stuff never makes it to my shop because I sell it at local events before listing.

I haven't really been making the sterling silver jewels I used to spend so much time focusing on, as I have found working with old findings, components, and jewelry so much fun and so rewarding. Not sure when I will return to that, or how much.

You'll see in my new pieces some very unique and colorful vintage (likely antique) enameled pieces- flowers, butterflies, owls, and more. These were an extremely lucky find at the Yart Sale (artisans selling used and/or unwanted supplies) at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts a couple of weekends ago, and are very rare! I have found them incredibly inspiring, which makes me triply excited to be meeting tomorrow with the woman who sold them to me to see what other treasures she has tucked away.

I've also been using a new background for taking my pics- vintage book plates of Art Nouveau images, black on white. Not sure I quite have it down yet, but I'll continue to play until something works. I would love feedback on the new images, whether it be praise or constructive criticism. Please share!

Anyway, here are a few favorites from my new listings (a couple aren't listed quite yet). Feel free to check out the rest in my shop!

Alice in Wonderland-ish, don't ya think? The little butterfly on this vintage locket is one of the enameled pieces I mentioned above. It's so little and sweet!

This is one of the pieces I posted about a couple of weeks ago, made from a mysterious, key-like brass or copper piece I discovered at local used building materials retailer Construction Junction. One of the best things about this necklace is the amazing vintage plaque chain it is hanging on- I love it!

One of my first attempts at upcycled men's accessories! This tie clip also uses a random hardware piece from Construction Junction. I used the silver steel piece as a base for an antique copper bird stamping adorned with an old glass stone. The steel has this cool iridescent coloring that goes really well with the deep-toned copper.

Both the lovely enameled flower and the silver heart came from the local woman from whom I bought at the Yart Sale! The tiny copper butterfly is a vintage stamping that is also very rare, and part of a lot of tiny copper birds, hearts, and leaves from a recent purchase. I adore them!

A very antique brass escutcheon (key hole) forms the centerpiece of this necklace. It's heavy and very beautifully detailed. Over the key hole I added a vintage West German glass cabachon in a fantastic iridescent color called "black iris." The key hole is still visible if you flip the pendant over. This one isn't listed in my shop yet.

This isn't listed yet either, mainly because I am having trouble parting with it! The setting is heavy and solid with a dark patina that has naturally occurred from age. With the vintage glass cab (also West German from the 1960s-early 70s) and unusual vintage copper and brass filigree chain, it is sweet indeed!

I hope you enjoy all of the new stuff! :D

Oh, and before I go I have to mention the awesome new widget I just got for my blog from Craftcult that displays all items in my Etsy shop in a super cool slide show, as well as links directly to my hearts and other shop info. Take a look at the upper right corner of my blog. :)


VeggieAmanda said...

They are all lovely pieces! Congrats on getting your shop updated. I like the new backgrounds you are using. :)

Veganessa said...

Love your new style jewellery. you've been busy!

silentlotus creations said...

Thank you so much, Amanda & Kim! :)