"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud." ~ Emile Zola

19 July 2010

A Long Weekend!

So I had an exhausting, grossly hot and sticky-sweaty weekend vending at SSW. But the long hours and oppressive heat and humidity ended being worth it- it was terrific! Besides pretty good sales (much better than it seemed while they were happening), I had absolutely the best time connecting with my fellow crafters there. It was so wonderful to be with like-minded people for passionate, intelligent conversation, laughter, and letting it all hang out.

I sold some of my favorite pieces, including several new ones, and had some incredible shopper. It's always really cool when your favorite pieces go to one of your favorite customers. :)

Pittsburgh has so many talented artisans. I was able to buy some handmade yoga mat spray in Lavender Vanilla (she has Citrus, too) from Naturally Lela, and some rally cute and unique burp cloths from The Point and Pootinkies for my new niece who may arrive any day now. :) I would have bought so much more if I had had time to shop and didn't spend my very brief intended shop-time chatting instead. :P My goal eventually is to procure (yes, I am on a mission) a fabulous bag from both Wren and Rita and Jilsy Designs in the near future. :)

A big shout out to Carrie and Nina of I Made It! Market for the exhausting hard work put into making this weekend happen!

The highlight of the weekend was drinks and chatting at the Double Wide Grill on the South Side Sunday evening. Yummy salad and seitan BBQ wings, some of my favorite people, and awesome banter- I left feeling high on the glow of the evening, and I'm still there. :) I think I may have gotten so exuberant over the great time that I talked over people a lot. Sorry gang! Thanks for a brilliant night! Check out their Etsy shops: Charmed By Nature, Barker's Herbs & Heirlooms, and Luxe.


So immediately after the highlight of my weekend was one of the lowest points ever, creating a real emotional roller coaster. Just after dropping a friend off at her home on a quiet country road, I killed a sweet little brown bunny with my car! :( I saw her running toward the road and yelled in my head, "Nooo bunny!" I braked and tried to slow down and hoped I had missed her, but then I felt a tiny bump. It was so dark, 11 at night with few road lights. I stopped to look for her on the road and didn't see her at first, but then noticed the glow on the black road of little white tail. I cried so hard, just petting her and telling her over and over how sorry I was. :'( Then I picked her up and moved to her to the grass to safety. She was so soft and so warm and she was shaking, and all I could do was sob hysterically. When I left her, I cried the whole way home and for a long time after I got there. I haven't cried so hard since I lost my Grammy. ;_;

I hurt that poor little beautiful little bun- I murdered her with a monster of steel! And I had to leave her all alone. What if she had babies??? One second she was jumping and running with bright eyes and freedom, and the next she was "gone". I can't wash the feeling of her hot skin and soft downy fur beneath my hands, shaking and fragile and so vulnerable. I feel terrible. :(

I am going to work on a painting of a sweet bunny in a happy, wild, peaceful place where nothing can hurt her. Maybe she can go there. I'm so sorry, bunny. :(


VeggieAmanda said...

I am glad the market went well for you. Yay! I was so enticed by your dinner, that I looked up the menu of the restaurant. Sounds awesome and it made me hungry. I want to go there!

I am sorry to hear about the bunny. I know it must be hard. I would feel and would have reacted the same way that you did. I think it is wonderful that you are remembering her life by creating a painting of her. You didn't mean to do it and accidents happen. I hope you won't beat yourself up too much over this. **Hugs**

silentlotus creations said...

Thanks for commenting, doll! *hugs* And thanks for the soothing words about the bun. I'm trying to follow your advice. xoxo

silentlotus creations said...

By the way- I can take you to Double Wide Grill when you visit Pittsburgh soon! ;)

VeggieAmanda said...

Yay! I hope to visit and when I do I would love to go there with you! :)

I hope you will post your creation/ remembrance of the bunny. I think it is sweet and caring of you to do this in honor of the bunny's memory. Most people would just walk away and never think about it again. **Hugs!!**