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15 June 2010

Three Rivers Art Fest- IMI and Crafty Kids

This past Friday, I was lucky enough to work with I Made It! Market (IMI) at the Creativity Zone at the 2010 Three Rivers Arts Fest in downtown Pittsburgh! Local crafters were invited by IMI to plan and offer a crafty project to kids attending the fest as part of the free activities going on. Doing so would not only help IMI continue to establish itself as the best nomadic indie crafts market around, but also expose children to handmade and the arts. As a bonus, those crafters who participated were able to sell our wares to the Three Rivers Arts Fest crowd. Yay! :)

The crafty project I chose for the kiddos involved using fabric from vintage fabric sample books (found at Creative Reuse Pittsburgh) to make DIY journals. The fabric was used as the cover, and the kids chose paper to be stapled inside.

Fabric pieces from vintage fabric sample books were used as journal covers.

I brought vintage sequins and beads, foam shapes, and plenty O glitter for them to decorate their covers. Despite my nervousness that the local kids' scene would be tough on me, they loved it! :)

I made a few journals as samples.

This was also my first experience selling at Three Rivers, and I was thrilled at how receptive the crowds were. It was a fabulous day, despite sunburn. :/ A huge thank you to Carrie of IMI, who was so kind and sweet as to encourage me to sell to customers while she took over my craft project. Carrie, you are a rock star! *HUG* :)

Craft table at the Arts Fest IMI Tent, all ready to go (pre-glitter disaster).

Kiddos DIY.

Word of the day? Sparkle!

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Anonymous said...

Kylie, sounds like you had a wonderful day and the kids obviously loved it. What a fantastic idea :) Congrats on such a successful day.