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17 June 2010

Handmade Birdie Baby Shower!

So my sister's baby shower was this past Saturday, seeing months of planning come to happy fruition! My sister is due at the end of July, and I am SOOO excited to meet her baby girl! :)

We decided on a handmade bird-flower theme for this garden baby shower, and scoured the internet for ideas and Etsy for shops that could help us bring the theme to life. I came across this great shop,
lilsproutgreetings, for an invitation, sold as a digital file that we could print ourselves for the cost of printing a regular photo (I used Shutterfly). Here's the design I chose, and the wonderful way Amanda customized it for us (pink one)! Isn't it so sweet? :D

As shower favors, we decided on little packets of wildflower seeds with a little felt bird pin. I found some adorable mini plush birdie magnets on Etsy that I just fell in love with, from of Ella of
ellaenchantedshop. She agreed to make a batch for us without the magnet in customized colors and came up with an adorable design, which we glued pins to! I divided a hummingbird-butterfly wildflower mixture into little glassine envelopes and fastened them with glue and a sticker with planting instructions. We wrapped them with pink baker's twine and paired them with a birdie.

The shower was held outdoors, and the tables were decorated with fresh flowers in pink and white. Lunch was fresh salads of all kinds, yummy drinks, and homemade cookies to match the pink and white deocrations. I contributed fruit salad to the garden brunch. I mixed watermelon, pineapple, red grapes, and clementines and sprinkled tiny little purple and yellow violas (from the plant I am growing) on top to make it pretty.

My sister loved the shower, and the favors and my salad were a big hit! :) Yay!


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, Kylie... that looks like the best baby shower ever! Of course I love your bird theme and the invitations and felt pins you found on Etsy!! So sweet! And that fruit salad is divine... I've been eating so much fruit lately; seems to be what my body wants. So that picture... yummmm! Hope you'll post some pix once the baby girl comes!

silentlotus creations said...

Awww... Thanks, Rebecca! I always love your comments. :) xoxo Of course I will post baby pix! You'll be sick of them!

Thanks again for reading and sharing- you rock! xo