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17 September 2011

Things I am Loving... Concrete!

On Etsy, I have been very drawn to amazing things made with concrete, really noticing and appreciating the unique properties of the material when used in creating. Simple. Rustic. Awesome. Here are a few of my favorite concrete-based creations on Etsy, followed by a couple of great tutorials on how to make your own "concrete" planters!

Square . Concrete . Pot:

Oak Leaf and Acorn Necklace:

Slim Industrial Rustic Concrete Vase / Holder:

Grassy Pebble: Concrete and Faux Grass Necklace:

Indoor/Outdoor and Awesome Concrete Planter -Circle:

Electric Blue Bib and Gray Bib Necklace:


Great DIY projects for your fantastic concrete planters!

Making Hypertufa Pots

How to Make Modern Cement Planters Using Packaging

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