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28 March 2011

DIY: OOAK Fabrics!

I love fabrics, especially in original patterns and artful designs. If I could sew, I can see myself collecting fabrics obsessively like I do other supplies! :)

A friend from EtsyVeg, Karina of Maple Ash and Oak on Etsy, recently shared this tutorial on how to hand-print your own textiles she wrote for Poppytalk Handmade. She writes, "Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials... found at your local art or craft store [or around the house]."

Another spin on DIY fabrics is creating a design on your own and having OOAK fabric printed for you by Spoonflower. This allows you to take a hand-drawn image or an image from an original painting or other work of art to make a completely original fabric for use in your own handcrafted clothing, accessories, or toys or to sell by the yard. I adore this idea! Spoonflower offers eco-friendly printing on natural fabrics, and allows you to upload your own image, arrange a pattern, and preview what the fabric will look like.

Hope you find some inspiration in these resources!

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Sailor Purrs said...

I love Spoonflower! You should learn to sew; I am slowly learning. It's a rewarding challenge.