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27 May 2010

A Garden!

So my partner and I just planted our first garden in a few years after several years of poor yield. After ruling out lack of sun and water, we concluded the soil must be the issue and set out to solve the problem. We've spent the past couple of years enriching the soil with compost, and this year decided to have it tested by the local Cooperative Extension (Penn State). Turns out we were right and that we needed to add Sulfur and Phosphate, and along with more compost and lots of rototilling. So we're crossing fingers for a good year! :) And of course it will be organic!

This is our garden at week 1, with beans (seed) at the poles, cukes to the right, and tomatoes beside that. In front of the beans is a row of multi-colored carrots (seed), and in front of the carrots is spinach and lettuce, both from seed, and butter lettuce plants.

This is week 2, with all of the seeds sprouting already but the beans! Weee! :)

Spinach (look out, Popeye) and Lettuce

Cucumbers (I hate'em, but my partner loves them) and Carrots (Stay out, bunnies!)

As my own little side project, I also cleared and prepped a plot for wildflowers near the garden and sowed loads of butterfly- and hummingbird-friendly fleurs.

In less than a week there are already sprouts!

I love gardening, tending, weeding, pruning. I hope it pays off- looking forward to seeing what grows. :)

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VeganCraftastic said...

I'm jealous, I wish we had room to garden :)