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26 April 2011

Backyard Visitors- Spring Arrivals!

The past couple of weeks and the warmer weather has brought out all sorts of furry and feathered visitors to our yard. :)

The first bunny sighting of the year happened yesterday(we told her she was a day late, but she didn't seem very concerned).

We've said good-bye to the darling Dark-eyed Junco that spet the winter with us. But the Cardinal pair that returns to us every year is back and we have new residents! A sweet pair of Titmice returns each evening, as does a pair of Nuthatch (I'm pretty sure) who has moved into our pine tree. :) And several types of woodpeckers have made an appearance. I love spring!

Bye little Juncos!

These Titmice photos are kinda crappy, but its so hard to get pics of them- they flit around so fast! Plus I always seem to get to my camera too late! :/ Look in the tippy top upper left corner of this one to see this little one...

Another Titmouse! So cute. I love their little plumes!

Our newest residents- I am pretty certain they are Nuthatch!


Sailor Purrs said...

That little cottontail looks so relaxed and at home in your yard. He/she must know you are a friend to the animals!

Veganessa said...

Adorable photos. Your garden looks wonderful, and sweet little visitors :)