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12 February 2011

DIY: Crafty Valentine's Day!

I'm all about DIY for gifts, even on Valentine's Day! Handmade valentines both save money and make unforgettable gifts filled with love, truly something your sweetie will remember. This is sort of last minute to be sharing this, but thaat's sorta how I roll. ;) I recommend VegNews Magazine's Savvy Vegan blog post about how to do Valentine's Day on a budget. Photo from VegNews. On my own search for DIY Valentine ideas, I happened upon an awesome one (thanks, Karen) on the Paiges of Style blog- a darling DIY Valentine's Day Advent Calendar. I fell in LOVE with this calendar, and it's free to print out on your own and allows lots of room for embellishing. :) Since it's too late to use it from Feb. 1st as intended, I'm going to use it as a Hearts Day garland-card for my sweetie to open. Each one will have written a little love secret inside- sweet nothings on paper! Photo from Paiges of Style. Happy Valentine's Day! UPDATE: My own garland!


Gina said...

Enjoying your post .... Happy Valentine's Day to you!

SilentLotus Creations said...

Thanks, Gina! :D xo