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03 August 2009

Handmade Out Loud: Fabulous Items from EtsyVeg Pals, Pt 3

Part three of a collection of gorgeous creations I have purchased/swapped for/won/been gifted from my wonderful veggie pals in EtsyVeg! Thank you so much to all of you... :)

Ah- finally some sweet relief from an odorous yoga mat! This stuff rocks!

You can't actually see it so well in Lynn's photos, but these cards have incredible detail in how they are made! Besides the wonderful photos, the images have lovely stitching all-around them that make them feel special and luxurious along with appealingly natural and earthy. :)

I've been able to try several of Erin's soaps, and they are the most skin and body luxurious soaps I've ever tried- seriously! My favorites? The Orange Truffle, with a zesty scent that's not too sweet, yet energizes and warms, and feels great on my parched skin! My very favorite is the olive and coconut oil based bar, which made every inch of my skin feel soft and nourished after months of dryness neglect on my part. I really noticed the difference this healthful, natural, and nurturing bar made when I ran out and went back to my old sandalwood soap- after two days I was dry and itchy all over. And to add to their amazing-ness, Erin's products are vegan and earth-friendly- yay! Thank you, Erin, for making such wonderful products and sharing them with me! :)

Meredith makes the cutest chiyogami jewelry in vibrant colors and fun patterns! I have a necklace, ring, and earrings in a beautiful deep blue pattern very similar to these. Eye-catching and unique, not to mention very affordable, friendlytaco's jewelry is stylish, fun, and definitely a standout! Thank you for the set, Meredith- I love it!

Everytime I visit claynfiber, I am wowed by Gina's creativity and unique approach to blending with stoneware and fibers. She continuously adds wonderful, earthy, and beautiful forms to her collection that blow me away! I am lucky enough to have held one of Gina's heart ornaments like this one, and the shape and pattern were even lovelier in person. I own a tiny little square shaker box that Gina made, imprinted with awesome, earthy shapes and patterns. It sits among my favorite pieces. :)

I have a SweetWolf pocket mirror from Cathy almost like this one, only mine has a little bunny on it! :) I carry it in my makeup bag, and it is very well-made and sweet- a pocket mirror I purchased from another shop last year lasted only several months, and this one has lasted far longer with no sign of wear. Visit Cathy's shop to see all of her adorable zippy pouches and darling mirrors like this one. :)

To see more fabulous handmade and vintage creations and supplies from vegan and vegetarian artisans, check out EtsyVeg's Crafty Veggie Marketplace!

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